So everyonepointand laugh


So everyonepointand laugh at my idiocracy!

Ifound a deal on ebayselling twocamerasin one auction, oneofwhich was a Canon Optura (wow, just whatI was looking forand rightaround my pricerange!).It was a buy-it-nowor best-offer listing,soIsent the guy anoffer thatIthought wasfair.He acceptedit.

Keepin mind thathe listedthecamerasas “100%working” andin “good”and “like-new condition” (the optura wasthe like-new).Hehadgood feedback,basedin theUS,andbothcamerascame with their owncase, battery, and charger.

Nowforthefunpart.Thecamerascametoday.Hedidn’t do all thatgoodof a job packingthem (I couldfeelthem moving aboutinthebox),butatleasthezippedthem upintheircases.The JVCpowers up with acondensation error, and the Opturahad atape stuckinsideit (yes, stuckinside-would not eject!).Noneofthis was shownin the picturesor listedin the auction (I went backand checked… sure enoughIsaw again “100% working”and “like-new”).

Well,I was able,after aboutan hour and ahalfoffiddlingwiththe Optura with my dadto ejectthetape.Andwitha little morefiddlingIthinkIsomehowfixed thetape decksoitpopsout now (there was alevertopopthetape deckout and swingingit backtopositionseemstohave fixedit (butfor how long?).I’m still working on fixingthe JVC.I’ve locatedthecondensationsensor, and nowIneedto get some Q-Tips orsomethingto clean itoff and hopethat helps (worstcase,I supposeIcan trya disablingthesensor…I was onlygoingtouseitasa transfer deckto mycomputeranyway).

So everyonepointand laugh at me beingso stupid and trusting ebay (Iknow, Iknow, Igot my vx2000 on ebay, but that guy actually provedhe was a professionalvideographerin the listingandit was his back-upcamhealmostnever used).I guessthe moralofthe storyis be careful on ebay and don’t just assumewhentheusersaid “Like-new” and “gentlyused”which clearly was notthecase.Tomorrow I’llsendan emailtothis guytosee what’s up.Onething’sfor sure-sincehe clearly listed thecams wronghewon’t be getting positive feedback.Negativeor neutral is stillto be decided…

Anywho, justthought I’d share another horror storywith youall.Feel freetocall mean idiotand share your own horror stories. πŸ™‚

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