So does the Panasonic have


So does the Panasonic have a good lens system?

I also noticed it is small, probably not much bigger than the GL2, which is honestly too small to be independent of stabalizers. One frustration about all camcorders available to the public, more or less, is that the sizes tend to be, shall we say, "compact" fittingh in with the oh-so-modern views of the small the better. Canons XL2 approach is what I would like to see on most pro level camcorders, but for some reason we don’t. Mind you most of my shots will be done, on tripods, dollies, or cranes, but the added weight helps stabalize.

My understanding is that the DVX100b also does not use native 16:9, it uses the squeeze or letterbox, both of which lose resolution, the XL2 has 960 x 480 resolution true wide screen. Which is a huge step up from 720 x 480. Why use anamorphic when you can use true resolution πŸ˜€ It is kinda explained here:

It is details such as this that once again lead me toward Canon XL2 or am I wrong on any of these points?

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