So didn’t anybody give you


So didn’t anybody give you an answer yet?

1. You shouldn’t try to put 1080p videos on a DVD to be played on a DVD player.

2. You CAN though get a very nice quality converting it down to 720×480! That’s real I tested it on a 46″ TV and it looks nice! (if the video is 8mbps+).

Now what you want to do is to edit your video in Sony Vegas anyway you want and you are going to render the video separated from the audio(which is very quick to render) and let them have the same name so that DVD Architect caches it automatically. How many minutes do you have? If it’s less than 60 min don’t worry about bit rate and size of rendered video.

Render you video as “DVD Architect NTSC Widescreen video stream” under MainConcept MPEG-2. Note that if you want the best quality you are going to have to make a new profile(scroll down and select Customize Template) and change the bitrate to Constant Bitrate and put 8,000,000 there. Also select “Best” for Video rendering quality under Project. Don’t forget to save it with another name and make it your favorite). And render the audio as “Stereo DVD” under Dolby Digital AC-3 Studio.

Then on DVD Architect go to import media and select your video, if your audio is on the same folder that the video is it is going to import the audio automatically. Good luck!

Dude you don’t need to switch to Vegas Pro just to do that. Try the trial first if you don’t believe me. Vegas PRO is too professional for a non-professional user. I have Vegas Platinum HD Production Suite and I don’t need anything else.

I hope I’ve helped. Please tell us if you have found the answer!

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