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Up front you don’t. However, a work around (a ghetto workaround that is) would be to get a stereo mini male to dual mini female ‘Y’ adapter. Plug the stereo adapter into the camcorder and your two mono plugs into the mini female receptors. Again, you’ll have to do the ‘plug pulling thing’ to get your right and left channnels to connect. The reason I say this workaround is ‘ghetto’ comes from the prospect of your ‘pulled plug’ not being in the receptor securely as the one that is fully connected. One minor tug and out it will come. Also, it won’t have the full insulation as there will be bare metal exposed so if the metal on a zipper, belt buckle, whatever contacts it there will be a wondrous ‘buzz’ amongst your recorded sound.

Stereo mini plugs are fine to work with, but they work best plugged in stereo to stereo. Now a while back I ran across dedicated R-L mono-mini plugs (red, white or black, white connection stripes) that were spaced so you could avoid the whole ‘pulling plug thing’. That was at least 11 years ago. You can dig around Radio Shack to see if they have them, but it’s been that long since I’ve seen them.

An audio post work around that I use regularly, is to just ‘mirror’ the recorded channel in your editing software. So if you only have ‘channel 1’ audio or ‘L’, then you copy the track and paste it into channel 2 or the ‘R’ channel. Ideally, you want to have your recorded sound in stereo but it’s the nature of the beast to record different audio sources on different channels.

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