Smaller? Yes. Cheaper? Yes


Smaller? Yes. Cheaper? Yes. But comparable in features, accessories and capabilities? Absolutely uh-uh!

If you’re looking for smaller and cheaper with somewhat similar capabilities, then you’re looking at a GL1-2. But there’s not a camera that has the same level of controls, multiple lenses and ‘trick out’ potential than the XL1s. You can take an off the shelf XL1s from a barely prosumer ‘buzzsaw’ to a balanced broadcast/cinematic rig with the accessories available just from canon alone! Feature films like ’28 Days Later’ were shot with the XL1s.

The XL1s is a full 3CCD camera, with full control over its audio, image and it’s small. Even my company’s fully tricked out rig is still smaller than our JVC proHD rigs. The only real ‘smaller and cheaper’ option would be the Canon EOS 7D. However, to properly trick that camera out to a fully capable video camera, the accessories needed (shoulder mount, viewfinder, etc.) will run about as much if not more than tricking out an XL1s. But if you’re thinking you’ll find a similar prosumer video camera with the same capabilities you already have, good luck with that.

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