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You might want to take a look at the JVC GY-HM70U HD camera. It's half the price of a used NEX new and you don't have to worry about getting someone's junk. Since it looks like you're starting out, this rig will be a lot easier for you to handle and it exceeds the requirements you mentioned wanting. JVC is interfaced with Apple (annyoingly so) so you shouldn't have any trouble with transitioning footage back and forth. Good software for a beginner like yourself is Adobe Elements (Premiere) for mac / PC or Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum HD (PC). Either program has great functions but are 'watered down' for the beginner to learn and get rolling quickly. FCX is an advanced program and you'll be pulling your hair more than editing as a beginner. Mac or PC you have plenty of options to get started. Keep in mind though, you don't want to blow your budget on just the camera! You're going to need support gear as well. Extra batteries, SD Cards, a tripod, camera bag, at least one UV Haze lens filter, a decent pair of headphones (not $%#@! ear buds) and a mic kit will be items you'll be shooting for first. On top of that will be your computer and NLE software. In your case, you may be better off with a laptop. Something with the juice to push video and don't forget the external drive whether you get a desk or laptop!

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