skidude Wrote:I bought Pin


skidude Wrote:

I bought Pinnacle Studio 8 with the included capture card and "blue box" input device for analog video input. My hard drive crashed and needed Studio to be reinstalled, but I can’t find the original cds. Studio 8 is no longer sold, but Studio 9 is, and Studio 10 is just coming out. Will Studio 9 and/or Studio 10 work with the capture card and "blue box" I still have?

Secondly, can I use another product with it and, if so, which programs are compatible?

Hello Skidude. I have the same exact issue you had in 2005. I cannot get my BlueBOX to work and trying to download the driver from Pinnacle Studio 8 hardware requires a Serial Number. My Studio 8 discs are lost or thrown away. Can anyone help, please?


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