Since you specified cheap,


Since you specified cheap, I’ll recommend the DXG-595v. You can order it through Walmart for under $200. That way if there’s something wrong with it you can just return it.

They are also available from B&H for about the same price. It will digest just about any SDHC card though the factory only rates it up to cards with a capacity of8GB.

As far as performance, don’t expect it to be a Canon or a Sony, but the images are pretty clear and it shoots 1080 at 30 progressive (720 at 60 progressive).

It outputs files to .MOV format that’s easily recognizable by most NLEs, I use Magix 14+ and am able to mix and match footage from all my cameras with no trouble at all.

I got one to shoot cleaner keys against a greenscreen as a supplement to mystandarddef Canoncameras and have actually started using the DXG to shoot everything.

Like most cheapy cams there’s no mic input but I record everything to a separate source anyway, so it’s not been an issue.

DXG doesn’t have the world beating reputation of some of the other companies, but to give you an example of what it can do, I used it to shoot a short feature and got second runner up in the local film festival. I never let on that I was using a cheap cam like that, but there was a lot of satisfaction in beating out all the FX7s and XHA1s that the other entrants were banging on about.

One last pitch for the 595v, I managed to drop it off the tripod (never trust the “click” when locking the plate) and it fell about 5 feet to a concrete floor. Still works just fine.

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