Since you have no budget buy


Since you have no budget buy a light kit, your best option (in my opinion) is to make your set look as good as possible.
There’s nothing worse than shooting in a bland boardroom with nothing around to break up the monotony πŸ™
Spend some time, preferably when no one is around so that you won’t bother anyone, and start experimenting with everything in the room. Sometimes it’s as simple as moving a piece of furniture to a new location. Other times you have to re-arrange everything to make it look good. Shoot every different setup and then review them until you find something that looks good to you.
I had to do a 2 person interview in a very bland basement room once and spent 3 hours experimenting with what was in the background to make it look interesting. The client was happy with the result and that’s all that matters πŸ™‚


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