Since you are in the plann


Since you are in the planning stages, i’ll offer a few thoughts. Actually getting your hands on a camera could present challenges. I suggest that you thoroughly research different models that you are looking at. Try to find as many reviews and tests that you can find. Narrow your search once you determine which route you are going, whether its standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD). Then deal with reputable dealers, check,Beware of the shops that offer that unbelievable price, because it is too good to be true, too many scam shops out there (I only deal with B&H Photo & Video). You camera choice will also affect your editing software choice. You’ll need some good wireless mics or digital audio recorders to acquire the best audio during the ceremonies. You’ll needgood tripods with good quality fluid heads and I would suggest a good monopod as well. The cameras will have to perform well in low light situations.

Best of luck in your endeavors


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