Since you already have an


Since you already have an excellent answer about the technical side – I’ll promote the story side.

I think you can drive yourself crazy, and not enjoy your holiday, trying to capture everything on tape (or DVD or whatever). Having a story focus, perhaps the Uluru heritage and importance of Ayers Rock to them – and how your family interprets that (compare/contrast?) would help you know what to record. Sure, Hwy signs, especially if you can say, or they illustrate, how much further to go to your focal point. If the focal point is how your family survives in the dessert, make sure you get little interviews ahead of time asking what each family member expects. They make great contrast inserts when things don’t go as planned. Whether it’s your life, or a culture you are, or aren’t, familiar with, it’s the STORY that you document.

If you have a focus, you’ll know the shots you need when they occur and you won’t end up with reams of stuff you’ll feel compelled to use producing a documentary that’s far too long to capture and hold someones attention.


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