Since she has already paid


Since she has already paid you for the first episode, that’s a done deal. I realize you took the hours you figured it would take and multiplied it by your hourly rate, but always, always, always pad the time. it will always take longer than you think.

I would talk with her when you deliver the first episode and be honest, telling her it took a lot more time than you thought it would (though now that one is done your workflow should smooth out since you have the experience with the first one and know where the bottlenecks occurred). And just talk to her about the cost of future episodes. if she balks at paying more then negotiate some resell rights for yourself… There are various ways you can to that, any way you can think of… you get a portion of the sales, or only you can make duplicates so she has to purchase copies from you, or you could sell copies yourself and keep all profits on those. Be creative, and when you do come to an agreement, put it in writing, and talk with a lawyer. CYA Cover Your A..

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