Since it’s just a receptio


Since it’s just a reception and not a film you’re planning on exhibiting on large projection or for broadcast, Decide whether you need to use HD or not. You have to consider what the final output for the project will be. If it’s going straight to DVD without mass distribution you can easily do 16×9 SD in widescreen and have done with it. Now if your client is paying for HD quality, 720p is fine whether for DVD, a basic Blu-Ray setup or simple broadcast (TV or web.) If your client is paying top dollar for a project with serious compositing, graphics with an intention for high-end distribution, then yeah 1080p is a good place to start.

However, you have to take into account how well your setup will ingest 1k+ video, what your capacity to store and safely work with the footage is and how much time will it take to get the job done. Now though I shoot primarily in 720p, I have 1080i available and won’t hesitate to bang out a nice SD piece if HD isn’t absolutely necessary. Food for thought.

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