since I shoot Weddings usi


since I shoot Weddings using an hdrhc1 hdv and an sr12 avchd, here’s what I’ve noticed:

avchd won’t work on powerpc macs, only intel macs with multicore processors, hdv does work. for my workflow that means I do an import, using my macbook, for the sr12, while my imac imports the hvd. After importing the project on the macbook, I can edit it on the imac, by overlaying the video (full res, not the smaller res size that Imovie suggests on startup.) from the sr12 and the hdrhc1. I can then synch the clips and cut away from the top to bottom layers at will for multicam shots. It is impossible to tell which camera took which shot UNLESS you have alot of fast action (the sr12 does show artifacts more than the hc1) or low light (the sr12 has less noise, better color in low light). Then I add photos to the video for a finished project…..

The macbooks handle the video faster when editing, but the imac has a much bigger screen, and when you’ve pre planned everything, you can do some editing in the evening, and let it render overnight, leaving your laptops free for any location work the next am.

so whatever works…

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