SInce I finally have a


SInce I finally have a solution to my post above, It thought I would share it….


I setup a NAS RAID (networked attached storage RAID) device on my network.  A readynas but I am sure other brands would work as well. I have it in "mirrored" mode so my data is protected although I also back it up to another drive. It is fairly easy to set this up to "share" just like a folder on another PC.


I added a reasonably priced "streamer" to my network, a Western Digital Live Streaming media streamer.  Now of course many use these for online streaming etc, but I also use it to access my self-produced media…both raw and in DVD and Blu-ray form from the NAS.


I copied over all if my SD-DVD ISO files for completed projects. The player will actually play SD DVD menus directly from the ISO over the network just as if you were playing the DVD.  For Blu-rays, it works better if you convert the Blu-Ray to an .MKV file as it won't display a Blu-Ray menu so I backup the ISO files and then convert to .MKV files which is what I view.


Finally, for my raw footage that is not yet produced, I put it on the NAS with a descriptive filename, sorted in folders, and have direct access to this SD or HDV footage whenever I want.  I am sure at some point I will convert some of them to nicely produced Blu-Ray's or DVD's, but in the interim I at least have access to the video.


I find the above workflow provides more immediate access to my video media similar to my photo image media vs. waiting until a disc is produced.  Also, I have my raw footage captured and easy to access when I am ready to work on editing it.


I just kept this on the old thread because it was so on-point.  Hope that is okay.






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