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Simply put, you cannot burn 1920 X 1080 to regular DVD – To do that you need a BluRay Disc burner or (shudder) HD/DVD burner. DVD’s are only capable of playing at 720 X 480 @ 29.97 FPS (in the US at least – NTSC). You can however keep the aspect ratio and burn it as a NTSC widescreen (16:9) DVD -Just select this as your output from Vegas when rendering and burn. EDIT – Many standard DVD players are capable of upconverting to HD now.

Something seems amiss here, perhaps it is the term “regular DVD.” Do you mean using the “DVD format” or the “4.7 Gb disk” ? Based on my web research (not my experience), it appears that AVCHD video can be written to a 4.7 Gb disk using programs like Roxio Toast 9, and that these “AVCHD disks” can be played in hi-def on some players like the PSP3. It is being widely touted as a cheaper process than burning to expensive blu-ray disks using expensive blu-ray burners (assuming you already have a Sony PSP3). ???

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