Signmax that satisfaction

AvatarMoab Man

Signmax that satisfaction was mine with each of the platforms.

What is the error in writing text you found? My videos have plenty of text with no problem. I do know of a quirk with the cursor jumping when adding text (figured out the work around to the cursor issue), but that may already have been fixed with the patch this month.

One of the things I had noticed with the Pinnacle 12 & 14 is that having a machine with specifications way over the top resolved a lot of the instability. My first machine was over the minimums and should have adequately ran the programs. But, when I purchased my new machine that was over the top in specifications the programs smoothed out. In no way am I saying Pinnacle was as stable as it should have been but I think in part that had to do with min stats or recommended being too low.

As for Magix… To lay the money down, have the program not work for the purpose I bought it for, and no customer support… money thrown away. Don’t get me wrong, Magix has a lot of great attributes, but it errors for the specific thing I needed it to do.

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