Short answer: It really de


Short answer: It really depends. Every manufacturer has their own jargon

Not-so-short answer: I used to work as a retail store manager at a store that specialized in men’s big & tall clothing. Inevitably, some poor wife, sister, or whomever, would be given the responsibility for coming into our store to buy clothes. In most cases, these women would come up to me with a confused look, because the man who sent them said that they wore an extra-large, and on our shelves, we had shirts labeled XL, 1X, 1XL, XLB, and 1XLB. Invariably, they wanted to know what these codes all meant, which one was the same as "extra-large", andwhy they all looked to be the same size.

The explanation I had for them is the same one I have for you. Every manufacturer has their own way of labeling their product. In the world of video, HD and HDV both mean that the camcorder can record in high definition video. Typically, these cameras can record in 1080i, a super-high definition format that can be watched on the new High Def TV’s, assuming you have a way to get the footage there (Such as a blu-ray or hd-dvd drive).

Cameras that have an internal hard drive will usually be listed as HDD camcorders. Note the extra "D", referring to the Hard Disk Drive that is inside. As a rule, I tell people to avoid HDD camcorders, as they often compress footage to the point of being near useless for editing.

That being said, some people will mistakenly use HD to mean "Hard Disk." This isn’t the technically correct term though, and if you’ve seen this referring to a hard disk rive camcorder, my guess is that it was either an accidental typo, or someone who didn’t quite know what they were saying.

There are cameras that both record in High Definition and use a hard drive to store data. These cameras can be accurately called HDD, or HD / HDV camcorders, since they do have both qualities.

Again, manufacturers are the bottom line. They decide what labels will get applied to the camera. In my clothing store, I explained that the best way to find the right fitting shirt is to bring the person in and have them try it on, and the same goes here. Regardless of what the label on the camcorder says, you should take time to fiddle with it yourself and learn what it offers before you slap the cash on the counter.

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