Short answer is No. Actual


Short answer is No.

Actually, Don, I operate on the basis that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, thus remaining with Leopard, GASP! To all the purists out there, I don’t CARE what they think because EVERYTHING about my Mac Pro system is working great: FCP, Photoshop, even the iPrograms from Works to Life and more. I purchased Snow Leopard and have it installed on a standalone drive and visit it from time-to-time, even have updated it, but never have been fully confident that something wouldn’t cause me grief in my current work regimen. I suppose I WILL make the jump when/if it becomes absolutely necessary, to SL that is, then Lion, but then I need to assess the video card compatibility thing and some other stuff, and as inconsistent as business and the economy are right now I remain too busy with projects to take the time or the chance to figure that stuff out.

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