Shopping on eBay can save


Shopping on eBay can save you a bundle if you’re smart about it. The eBay feedback system is a way for sellers to build a reputation of being trustworthy. It takes a long time to build up that reputation and because of that, any seller with a good one is going to protect it. So, definitely look on eBay for equipment. You can get great deals. Just do your homework and check out each sellers feedback and don’t bid on high dollar items from sellers with bad feedback. Also, make sure you read through the listing carefully to be aware of the fine print.

For example. I would never, ever bid on an item like this one:

The seller only 19 positive feedbacks and already a negative. If you read the feedback you will see that the last transaction was for a Gl2 that turned out to be broken. Stay far far away from this seller. On the other hand, check this one out:

This seller has only ever had 1 non-positive feedback out of about 200. And that one was a neutral one that wasn’t even that bad. I would definitely trust this seller.

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