Shoot and edit AVCHD, usin


Shoot and edit AVCHD, using either the Panasonic HMC-150 ($3K + U.S.) or HMC-40 ($2K + U.S.) – of the two the 150 has 1/3″ CCD sensors, the 40 has 1/4″ CMOS, but has a LOT of advantages as well for the price point.

There’s also the JVC GY-HM-100 ($3K U.S.) that offers a lot for the money.

Any of these would help you do what you want to do, unless of course you’d be willing to go close to $10K for Panasonic’s newly released AG-HPX300, but it’s a P2 working environment, as you said… I think there are options regarding working with P2 model Panasonics, but the workarounds or alternative recording mediums could be price prohibitive as well as P2 cards.

At least with the 40, 100 or 150 you’d have decent quality, and equipment that could be rigged out as time and money permits, and the non-moving-parts benefit of SDHC recording medium – no tapes or tape drive mechanisms to worry about.

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