shmitty Wrote:1. Hook the


shmitty Wrote:

1. Hook the sound board to a camera with an external audio or microphone input. I know this takes attenuators for the mic, but the trouble is that the sound board is not in a convenient place to have a camera for recording purposes.

Is the sound board not in a convenient place or is it just that you’ve never had a camera nearby before? I’d check this out and see if you can put a camera there and get interesting/good coverage.

2. Get an audio recorder of some kind. This seems like a great option, but I am at a loss of what to get. Are there any inexpensive options available?. I would like something I can just plug into an output of the churches mixing board and record.

This seems like a good option, maybe a small four-track recorder so you can add an additional mic or two for audience noise.

Record using a laptop.

This could work if you run an output from the mixer to the line/mic in.

I think I can just get a midi hook up for my laptop and hook into the sound board with that, but again, I am just not too sure what the best equipment would be?

MIDI is for Musical Instrument (Digital Interface), it is designed for taking digital instrument playback (live or prerecorded) and using it to generate either playback on a different instrument or waveform creation, it is not for recording/playing back audio waveforms. MIDI would not suit your needs.

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