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I hadnt heard of the Canon XM1 until I read your post. Looking at the Canon web site, I found the XM2, which must be the "new improved" version of the XM1. The XM2 appears to be the PAL version of the GL2. Here in the states, the GL2 is a highly respected "semi-professional" camcorder, used by many film-school students. It would be a notch above the GS400 (which is still a very good unit). As for the pixel count, that can be misleading. Are they counting the pixels on just one CCD, or on all 3? Also, a camcorders "still picture" pixel count is usually higher than its "video" pixel count. (The GS400 can take 4 MegaPixel still photos.)

A Canon camcorder that would be closer to the GS400 would be the Optura Xi, which was discontinued about the same time as the GS400. (Sorry, I only know model numbers for the NTSC versions. πŸ˜• ) I’m very happy with the Panasonic DVC30, which is on a par with the GL2. I think the PAL version is called DVC32.

Hope this helped some, πŸ™‚
Ken Hull

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