@Shawn “and tell on each o


@Shawn “and tell on each other” sounds like my mother. πŸ™‚

I do hope you succeed at this. As I suggested, this is a great idea, and I sincerely hope it takes off and is a huge success. I have at times even considered uploading pieces that I have shot to my blog for ones to download. But as I tell my wife, I am not a gambling man when it comes to anything. I have tangled with the legal department of Microsoft, Apple and a few others, so I am extremely, highly and super gun shy. Fact is when Microsoft dropped the hammer on my little 2 man computer shop back in about 2006, I did not violate any of their copyrights or anything, just made them look really really foolish on that X-Box thing. They got really mad. I learned from that experience that large companies do not have to have a legal reason to squash you, they just do.

So although I think you have a great concept and idea, I get gun shy in areas like this. I hope none of my comments offended you.

As to the traffic to my blog, (BTW here is where I spend most of my free blog time)


I could not keep with with posters and feedback. I get traffic, of course that is easy to monitor. I get more traffic to the Times-aarow blog, in fact many who read that have the Tasana site bookmarked and jump to the time-aarow from Tasana.

If I had too many readers that posted comments or feedback I would never have time to write. I have posted some on my kidney failure here, and I mostly do these online things to keep my mind stimulated, and hopefully on the times-aarow blog someone will have the foresight to see one of my theories is correct.

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