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You received some great suggestions from Jack and Birdcat is right, Camtasia is very easy to use for rendering out ppt. PowerPoint 2010 allows you to render out to avi but Camtasia has much more export options.

The pixelation occurs whenever you try to use an asset in alarger or smaller project.IF you have the original ppt slides thentext should not be the problem, the text is scalable. Pictures are not the same but you didn’t mention it. As Jack pointed out, some ppt shows use shadows and serifs which really make them look bad. What i’m saying is, if you match the asset to your project size, or the other way around, you won’t have the pixelation.

You didn’t mention what format you are rendering out to, for DVD or the web. If you are looking for an interactive web format where both the slide and a talkinghead, or a talking head and a slide, can be used together, google PowerPoint Producer (free) and try it out with 10 slides to see if you like it. Before camtasia I used to capture ppt using MS Media Encoder (9) and produced in Producer (2003).

If you are doing for DVD and you really want to have the slide in the background w/o any pixelating and occasionally you want the slide at the front, you may need two versions.

Usually when I make a video of a talk with slides, I just show the slides and use the audio as narration unless the speaker is really a dynamic one, then I switch back often for the gestures. With multiple timelines it’s easy enough to have both the speaker and the slide on the screen at once; as editor you get to decide what isw more important. And, as Jack mentioned, sometimes there is so much text it’s difficult to display, bear in mind that just because the person mistook powerpoint creation for powerstorytellingonaslide, it doesn’t mean you have to make a bad video. Some people can’t self edit and some don’t know they should so you have to ‘edit’ (without trivializing).I don’t think there is anything wrong with skipping a dense slide or making multiple slides out of the material on one slide. I’ve done both and always for the sake of clarity.

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