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I think one difference b/w the dslr and the camcorder is how much tweaking you have to do to compensate for bad lighting, while being zoomed in etc… The camcorder allows more freedom to just “shoot” rather than worrying about the the other variables. I have a dslr, a canon t2i, and I am actually going to buy a panasonic gh1 next week. My website is if you want to see what i’ve been able to come up with. For interviews, stick with your canon, get an omnidirection mic lavalier, with a recorder like the olympus ws-700 or the rode video mic. For recording longer than 4gb at a time you can get a firmware update called “magiclantern”, which will allow for recording times of up to 20 mins. If you need help finding the download for it I can send it to you, also tutorials are all over youtube for it. It turns your canon into a beast allowing you do “follow focus” and turn off the auto gain feature on the camera. The only let down is that it doesnt have the flip out screen. Hope this helps, hit me up anwar.s.allen@gmail if you need help or clarifications.

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