Shaun, I’ll give a few tho


Shaun, I’ll give a few thoughts and then refer you to a thread on this forum. Get a fast hard drive 7200 rpm or solid state (mucho $$$). From what I have read, a real good video card will help use the capabilities of the new Sony Pro to their fullest for rendering and monitoring. Processorshould be in the i7range(various models should fit the bill), you can get by with lesser stuff (I am but will be switching to i7) butwhy limit yourself when spending serious money for a few hundred dollars. How this helps. The thread to look for on this forum is: Best Computer for Editing- under the heading of Compositing Software.

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The best laptops for video editing — 2021

For video editors, finding the perfect portable workstation is like catching a unicorn. It is no easy task to find the perfect balance of performance vs price point.