Shaun, as Earl stated, you


Shaun, as Earl stated, your budget just aboutrules out 3 sensor new cams but you might be able to find something used that will fit the bill. You didn’t mention whether you wanted to shoot in HD or SD. There are a lot of great SD (3 sensor)cams in your budget range used, look at some of the past posts for recommendations. I don’t have any experience with these. I think Jack gave some good qualities for your cam pick to have.As far as low light shooting, most of the situations that you mention could be handled with a cam (with less low light capabilities) if you incorporate adequateadd-on lighting. This can be done relatively inexpensively with a DIY kit. You can find lots of suggestions of how this can be done in these forums. If you shop for a good used cam with single sensor, IMHO you should have at least a 1/3″ sensor. I use the Sony HDR-SR11, it fits most of the suggestions that people have given and can be found used well below $1000, you might even be able to get 2 for your budget. Of course, there are many other cams used that are like the SR-11, which will give you great results for what you are trying to do. Another reason for starting out with a good used cam is that you are just learning video and a smaller investment would seem to make more sense and as you skills increase you will have a better idea of the features that you want in your next, more expensive cam. Start shooting.

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