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Sharing additional info. Working over 25 years in an high end electronics company we have Electro-Static-Discharge training on an annual basis. ESD is the major preventablecause in electronics for infancy failure.

Static discharge can be disastrous for any electronic equipment. This includes those shocks below human sense threshold (those you don’t feel). The worst part is that it can be cumulative. This means you can shock an item a few times and all seems well but then weeks or months later your electronics start behaving unexpectedly from not keeping settings to outright failing to work. The good thing is the manufacturers package their items to minimize this impact. But with enough of a charge, you can stillgo right through this protection.

Taking Earl’s suggestion a step farther, have an object you can touch and discharge yourself close to your electronics,grab it and not let go until you have touched what your are working on/with. You want to do this after you have ruled out any electrical causes for your static shocks so that you are not the path to ground, yourself.

We induce static generation all the time just by moving around.

Things thatincrease static charge generation, outside electrical issues as mentioned above, are;

The closer to 0% humidity the greater the ability to generate, and hold, astatic charge. Beingcold here in most parts of the northern hemisphere at this time of year,the colder the temperature the lower the humidity, the air just can’t absorb more water. The same holds true for any room that is being cooled with air conditioning since part of that process is to remove moisture in the air to help with the cooling.

Wearing synthetics and wools. These generate static charge by you simply moving in them. Cotton is your friend. You still generate static charge but at a much lower level.Using fabric softer that reduces static clingalso helps.

Wearing rubber or synthetic soled shoes, the natural act ofwalking makes these great generators of static. Wearing leather soled shoes and cotton socks will greatly reduce static generation.

These are just a few areas to be aware of if you should find yourself getting zapped by your equipment.

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