Shane, Since you’re alread



Since you’re already halfway through school, finish it. Move your major into Film & TV Production or Communications with a TV emphasis come your Junior year. During semester breaks, instead of sitting on your butt do some interning with your local TV station, Video Production House or Studio. They are always looking for folks to do freebies and it will give you an opportunity to both network and gain some insight into how things work.

Whether you go to school for production or not, you’re not getting out of ‘paying dues’. The main thing school does for you is give you a ‘safe’ environment to learn and explore a field where your mistakes don’t necessarily count. You’ll also have a slight advantage over someone who’s going the ‘School of Hard Knocks’ path from scratch, but it will still come down to how hard you hustle, the quality of your work and how well others can work with you.

I completely agree with the other posters, you are far and away not ready for freelancing yet. Way too many people who have significant experience and know-how get their butts handed to them when they leave the stable environment of working for a station, production house or studio to go out on their own. Right now, everybody and their grandparents think all it takes to make ‘great videos and movies is a camera.’ With so many people out of work pouring into the photography and video biz thinking they’ll make ‘easy money’ you can’t find the ‘wheat for all the frickin’ chaff!’

You’re going to have enough to learn concerning the craft, not to mention you seem unclear as to what you want to do concerning production anyway. Freelancing also entails learning the business side which is an entire profession in itself! Right now, stick to learning your craft. Yeah, you might want to do some side gigs but be very careful! All it takes is one misstep, dissatisfied customer or accident on the job and you’ll be in deep, deep Kim Chee without a flotation device or a pair of chopsticks to eat your way out!

So keep that enthusiasm while you’re taking those ‘baby steps’. You’ll want to start running right off the bat but you have to crawl before you walk, walk before you run and run before you can fly.

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