Shane, as Luis (Sargehero)


Shane, as Luis (Sargehero) indicates, you have a lot of answers to life you’re seeking, but on the other hand, speaking from some years of experience in the field of video production and business …

There are multiple directions to pick from in how you pursue a video business, or production career.

You can seek to be an independent, working as a shooter or editor, etc. for others;

You can seek to be an independent, working as the shooter, producer, editor, packager and shipper, etc.;

Or, you can seek to be part of a larger operation, either working for another major company, or developing your own huge enterprise, developing a HOUSE, or boutique shop, with either paid employees to shoot, edit, market, etc. or bringing in independents to work for you doing many of the same things but saving on some of the costs of maintaining employees in a company.

You can elect to get big, GROW HUGE, expand, or keep the amount of business you seek and accept down to a level that you, given your pursuit of education and other elements of daily life, you can handle. It is in poor professional taste IMHO to bite off MORE than you can chew, so-to-speak, taking in all the business you can get just because you can, then offering up a bounty of excuses for the delays in production or product delivery or poor quality, causing further grief to an industry that has a LOT of hard-working, dedicated professionals who take quality production, reasonable turnarounds, affordable products and service prices, integrity and support of a valid and wonderful industry seriously.

YOU DO have control over it all, and can juggle/balance your life pursuits from business success to eduction to hiking, skiing, rowing, swimming, camping or partying all night, AND enjoy a wonderful business experience on the individual level or a broader approach.

Base you decisions on what is not only good for you financially, but also what is good for the industry you choose to pursue; leave a good taste in the mouths of people with whom you deal and go out of your way to avoid creating situations that get out of hand because you’re overbooked, overworked or simply burn out and don’t feel like “doing this” anymore.

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