Shallow depth of field will


Shallow depth of field will kill this if the camera needs to move quickly. We usually focus manually, because autofocus is always so indescriminate on picking the correct object to focus on. The broadcasters who need to move quickly will be on manual, on systems with sensible depth of field. With 4K, sharp images need really good viewfinders and stability to enable you to see the detail – fast movement is just a killer. What is your available budget? This will set the product area – but a decent spec camera and lens combination is going to be pricey – ten grand plus maybe. The trouble being that decent glass is pricey – perhaps 50% of the total cost. There are much cheaper 4K cameras, but they usually have images that may well have 4K pixels, but all pixels are not equal. If the lens cannot manage the sharpness the chip could resolve, and then the processing also has a few compromises – maybe 1080 would have been better? Especially with a good lens.

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