SgtWelsh and Videoman, loo


SgtWelsh and Videoman, looking at your need again, I promise you, you will be delighted with the program Picture Motion Browser I’ve described above. In addition, it displays your video/photos (you can have it show both or just one or the other) in a calendar mode or by your registered folders, just with a click. When you archive on hard drives you’ll always be able to go right to the clip and even the exact frame you want because it expands your video upon request down to every 5th frame! Capture frames from the video and have the perfect smile, the perfect split second, from your subject every time. You can trim clips and quickly save them along with the original or delete the original right there within this program. If you want metadata to display, as some have mentioned, that’s there too. VideoMan, you work with AVCHD. You can burn AVCHD discs from within PMB with a chapter created for each video file or for each date. The menu background choice is limited, but the discs created have always looked and played beautifully for me.

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