Set one up yourself! :) Se


Set one up yourself! πŸ™‚ Seriously, if you have enough stock footage, you can probably afford to set up your own site. Places like will give you a domain name, website space, and email addresses for under $100 a year. I’ve spent more than that on newspaper ads, and my website gets a lot more done than all the newspaper ads I’ve ever had.

You’ll need to have some technical knowledge to set up a website, or at least the capacity to learn, but if you’re able to edit videos and convert them to downloadable formats, surely this isn’t a challenge for ya.

Once your site is up and running, buy advertisement. Use the google adwords system, as that’s what more and more sellers are using these days. Plus you get fairly good returns on it. I’ve always been happy with Google’s ad performance.

And make sure your site is index-able by search engines. include those meta tags! Spiders and bots love ’em!

Another idea for advertising once your site is done is to use Google Video. Upload a low to medium quality copy of your video to Google video, and put the location of your site where they can buy the video in the description. Then, instead of just regular old advertising, you’ve got an actual demo of the video they would pay for. Plus, then you can suck up Google’s bandwidth instead of your own for showing files.

I’ve never used someone else’s service to sell videos, mainly because I make videos for private parties. Doing stock footage and B-roll production isn’t something I’ve done professionally, though I think the ideas above might work well for you.

Good luck!

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