Seems strange to me that no


Seems strange to me that no-one has mentioned the rendering side of things – I use VP (Video Pad “Professional” – their words, as it definitely is not good enough for that) version 2.41 and I always render into mp4 file format. When saving the movie (ie rendering the project file) it always gives the option of changing the ‘output quality’ settings. This is under Encoder Settings but will probably be called a different thing on your video editor. In my case they have a slide bar annotated from 1 to 51, with 1 being the highest quality and 51 being the lowest. If 1 is selected then the output file (the movie) will be a huge file size, eg 3Gb per minute. And Vice Versa. I choose around the middle, 23-27 and the videos come out the same quality as the higher settings because the original quality was about the same. So for a 10minute HD video my output file size is around 350-500Mb. Any good video editor will surely give this option to vary the output file size?

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