Seems like matthewc has


Seems like matthewc has bitten the dust!

His website is no longer active


This is the story of the video business all over.


No way of making a decent living from it anymore. A bit here and a little bit there.


All the information given looks very interesting and is mostly common sense but if the (one off) customers won`t pay what you feel it is worth, its a no brainer….your out of business.


There is too many gurus dishing out therir marketing knowledge for the production business and I can guarantee you they are probably in the same position as all of us. Struggling and skint!!


The gurus just want to sell you the dreanm and eventually charge you for it.


Here in the UK you can check out limited companies for free. Out of 50 companies I checked only two seemed to be in profit and they were in the tv broadcast sector.


Its the way it is and it is never going to change. Equipment is so cheap and so many are trying to do it now. This means a race to the bottom. Famine famine famine.!!!


Sorry for the rant but I`ve been in the business for over 28years. Seen the changes and the perception of our dying business.


Would be better off working as a checkout assistant at a local food chain. At least I would have a guarantee of a meal each week.!



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