“Seeing that I am a newbie


“Seeing that I am a newbie, I want to buy a camera that will make this whole process as simple as possible. Thanks.” – Flaubert.

Just the camera, HD or SD, and at a budget of $700 will NOT address all the questions, nor simplify the process as much as you hope. You have a LOT of serious needs, and knowledge to gain, before you can expect to develop such a project, or even hope to generate a marketing success.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that anyone who is determined, aggressive, a fast-learner, and has the drive and ambition to carry it to fruition can achieve success in a venture like the one you plan.

If you can, identify a camera that will shoot HD and SD, and use SD if you HAVE to, but HD preferably. You will likely have to down convert to edit, but you might consider (if you have access to the editing environment necessary – or budget you haven’t mentioned) doing it all in HD, then creating an SD DVD product for market. It will still look better than starting out with a standard SD only camera, as a rule. Conversion can be difficult, or easier, depending on your available editing environment.

You can edit either way, depending on your available editing equipment or budget and resulting acquisition.

Do voice-over and or dubbing yourself, or find among your friends and acquaintances people who can offer decent voice talent. Exploit them. Or, seek similar at your local institutions of higher education. It will not complicate the conversion, again depending on your editing environment, and most editing options today offer some degree of audio editing capabilities – you will need to move past such software as Microsoft MovieMaker though. Also, depending on your editing capabilities, it will not necessarily “complicate” the process, but could become more complex, depending on your intent and needs.

Regarding file formats – different strokes for different folks (and projects). It will likely depend on what you shoot with HD, HDV, ACVHD, or other, and what your editing system will accept and allow you to edit with. I wouldn’t be able to guarantee you which format is the “most popular” and you “should care” at this point to the extent that it will have a direct bearing on your acquisition, editing and marketing process eventually.

Others will pipe in here. Others will be more, or less ambiguous, have stronger feelings and offer their highly opinionated input, or subjective, or objective, or even write from experience. That is all well and good. Some will ask more questions before, if ever, addressing your questions. Read it all, absorb what you think might help, do a LOT of research and try to increase your budget for everything, starting with the camera.

Good luck. Mostly you will only need a little good luck, a lot of personal commitment and some extra bucks. πŸ™‚

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