See, that’s so odd! When I


See, that’s so odd! When I was working with macs regularly we were constantly having to fix them, reformat, put in new hard drives and so on. I’ve seen more ‘bomb’s and ‘rainbow wheels’ of death than ‘blue screens of death’ which have been more than a few.

I’m the type who ‘doesn’t want to have to work on my car either, but I can.’ My company builds our own because it’s so much less hassle and we can get exactly what we want in it. I’ve also learned how to and done field repairs on broadcast equipment. All that stuff was supposed to ‘just work’ too. Thank the tech god’s I was wise enough to learn how to take care small problems. That whole ‘hands off’ idea doesn’t work for me. I know for a fact that whatever you have will go down on you either software or hardware wise when you least need it to. I’ve always wondered how much money I’ve saved my former bosses on having to make that overseas call to the Apple Repair Center or whatever PC rig we were using because I knew what to do to get us back up and running.

I’m also like Rob, I remember my mom showing me how to use an Apple II when they had them at the college she worked at. I also remember how I was blown away in ’93 when one of the managers I worked for took 20 minutes to translate an illustration that took me two hours to draw by hand (think protractors, compasses and rulers) with his power pc laptop.

But I definitely agree with Grinner about ‘grabbing tools’. If Apple still allowed you to build your own, I’d probably have two or three here in the shop. But they don’t. That and while I was working around the world, anytime we needed to pick up some software or hardware for the apple’s we had great difficulty finding what was needed if we even could. But there was window’s based stuff almost everywhere there was something resembling civilization. Where I live and work, if you want anything mac based, you either order it online or have to drive a hundred miles minimum. Need something pc? 15 – 30 minutes tops. That also goes for repair facilities for those who don’t ‘want to have to repair it themselves.’

But like I mentioned, in my previous post. My intent was not to knock things Apple. I was just wigged out at the behavior and mindset of some of the people in the ‘Macheads’ film. If you haven’t seen it, take a look on Hulu. I still haven’t gotten around to watching the last half yet….

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