“Secrecy” is actually a pa


“Secrecy” is actually a part of their overall marketing strategy.

To steal a tag line from the Motorcycle racing industry… (which is “Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday”) Apple has consistently used “leaks” to fuel speculation for viral marketing months and sometimes years ahead of the official announcements, but when it comes to announcing.. Apple’s overall strategy is to “Announce on Sunday, Sell on Monday” so to speak, the products are generally ready to sell when the product is announced. So in Final Cut x’s case they DID give a heads up, before the official announcement/release.

If they had simply announced their plans to release “iMovie Pro”, then proceeded to roll out fast bug fixes and advanced capabilities and made an “Export to Final Cut Pro” option in the menu, and then proceeded to let Final Cut die slowly, nobody would be complaining.

Naming it Final Cut Pro X was a marketing bet that backfired. A simple attempt to give the new editor “Instant Street Cred” that flopped.

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