SD does not ‘look like cra


SD does not ‘look like crap’.

HD looks like crap when it gets down res’ed to SD. Please, if you’ve ever had the opportunity to shoot old school Betacam-SP, Sony Pro Hi-8 or now considered ‘old’ digital formats like DigBeta, DVCAM, DVC Pro or DV from any pro grade 3CCD camera you know well shot footage from these formats are still awesome. Now I am shooting more in HD and less in SD these days, but I haven’t given SD the ‘toss’ just yet. If you’re shooting web specific or for DVD, SD is still an excellent choice. You do want to use progressive scan technology if you can get it (because interlaced video is a pain.) Point is though, HD or SD well shot, lit and composed video will look good no matter which format you use.

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