scubajam has some very good


scubajam has some very good points, but I would get an Audio Mixer, 6 or 8 channel one would you do you fine. The reason for an Audio mixer is you mix the guitar mic and and guitar before you get to Your Video Editing Program timeline, which is much harder to finese Audio
You can find Digital Audio Recorders (DAR) on Ebay that would work fine, if fed from main out on a mixer. Just make sure the DAR has USB ports, or removable storage media, if getting the latter. you will need a card reader.

To sync the Audio with the Video, one just need to be in front of the Camera and close to the Microphone(s), and then CLAP your hands together. When you get the Video and Audio to the Timeline of Your Video Editing Program, you line up the Audio spike of the clap with video of you doing so, and the rest is good to go. then just make sure to cut that part out before rendering your video –

Other tips I can give, Multiple Cameras. say three, of them, one a wide shot of you and your Guitar, one set and zoomed on your guitar and the las one a zoom on your face.

And if you can find or have a desktop computer that can take a 2 GB graphics card and surround sound Audio card, it will be able to run most Video Editing Programs, will make life much better, as that system has a ton more horsepower when it comes to Video Editing. A five minute video rendered on Laptop, would take a couple hours of your laptop being a paperweight, useless object, where on the desktop, it would take 3 or 4 minutes to render

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