ScriptGirl, You know one



You know one thing that you could do is surf around the internet. Use the various search engines and look for wedding videography. Maybe include your state in there too. This will hook you up to a lot of sites that will maybe have examples. Just click on those and you will get a real good cross section of how people create their projects. Of course you will see all kinds. The things you will want to look for are ideas, camera angles and concepts. That will get you started but really when it comes down to it, its knowing the basic technical aspect which everyone better know going in but after that its the creative artistic expression form the videographer/editor when putting it all together that makes the video unique.

Remember that everyone is different and has their own style or interpretations of doing things. In other words if you gave two different videographers the same exact footage from a wedding and told them to put it together, you will end up with two different versions of which both would undoubtedly turn out really nice.

But as what has been stated several times before, its good olfashion experience that will make one better. πŸ˜‰


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