Scott, would useful if you


Scott, would useful if you could tell us what camera and what file system it uses.
Few ‘solid state’ cameras use just a single movie file, if it’s a non I frame, heavy compressed file format it could have been held in a folder along with other important sidecar files. For example XDCAM uses a BPAV folder, Panasonic a ‘PRIVATE’ folder. Its important that the folder with its contents is copied in its entirety.

The Mac coming back at you with ”not recogized’ could just mean the codec is not in the QT plugins folder.

Thats is where knowing the camera format will help.

Meanwhile try Elgato Turbo h264 or mpegstreamclip, these usually operate without using the QT engine.

FYI If you are no sure do not go renaming files.
Can you recall what the original file name looked like?…actually the naming protocol given by some cameras are not that random, some may generate 01022016182526..? january 2nd 2016 etc. Some like the Panasonic HVX 200 do indeed generate a random file name XFT67YU, this so different movie clips with the same file name are not overwritten in error.

A real pain are those that just use clip_0001…0002…so on..then regenerate when a new card is inserted.

BTW LaCie are kind of OK ..its often the power supply that goes ever so slightly out of spec, all the lights come on, the drive spins but does not mount. Fix by using another PSU.

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