Schwartz sez: ” In all cas


Schwartz sez:

In all cases, if you do plan to take a feed from the sound board, try to talk to the audio engineer ahead of time to let them know your needs, so they can prepare for you.

Well, if it’s a decent-sized touring concert, it’s not at all unusual for the FOH mixer to be running a stereo mix to some sort of recording device for their archive purposes; so maybe there would be a better chance at yourgetting a decent mix . . . . . But for some reason I supposed the original question being asked wasn’t about filming a concert of such magnitude?

Charles asks:

If I place a digital recorder with external mic’s by the speakers, will it not also be over cranked?

I once put an AC voltmeter across a Shure SM-58 dynamicmic being sung into by a loud rock-band singer. It measured line level voltage of + 8 db peaks instead of normal mic level of – 40/- 50 db,what would normally be read if someone were just talking into it. I’m assuming your shotgun is a condenser,which usuallyhas a higher outputlevel, above let’s say, a dynamic type mic. It’s possible that even with the mic gain on your camera turned all the way down the preamp still has enough gain to be overloaded. If your mic is being powered by your camera, an in-line attenuator might not be the answer. If you have a way to power your shotgun other than your camera, you might try plugging it into the line level inputs on your camera.My best guess would be that a pair of omni dynamic mics like the E-V 635a placed in front of the PAspeakers and pluged into the line level inputs of your digital recorder would handle the volume just fine.

Rick Crampton

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