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Potential clients will judge you on the quality of your work, how efficiently you get it done and how well you stay within budget. Realistically, there are potential clients who will judge you on whether you have pro gear or not and rightfully so if you’re charging in excess of $1k per minute of video per project or more. It does help to mention names industry people are familiar with (Avid, FCP, Premiere, Vegas, Media 100, Grass Valley, etc.) On occasion you’ll get individuals who may be turned off by the workflow you’ve chosen because they don’t see how your’s may be compatible with theirs. However, you cannot and should not base your intended workflow on client expectations. You’ll have to establish a work pipleline that best suits your skills, talent and budget. I’ve worked with an ever-changing pipleline that has included multiple brands of cameras, OS’s and NLE’s. Though I love Avid, they’ve currently priced themselves out of my reach for the moment. So, since ’07 my outfit has been using Vegas and since I’m a longtime fan of Forge and Acid the switch was seamless. However, we’re also back to using Premiere since we’ve picked up the Master Collection. I’ve used many of Premiere’s earlier versions and this one’s not bad and I have used Phoshop, AFX and others for years so it’s a nice fit. Why would we have two different NLE’s in the same shop? Why not? The do similar things but the workflows are different. I happen to think the finishing process for VFX and Mographics with Adobe is far superior to many other workflows. But, the finishing process for scoring and audio post for Sony is second only to Protools and for the money blows everything else out of the water.

You’re saying you balked at $2.5k for Avid but you’re getting the Master Collection ($2.5k) and a Mac Pro ($2.5k +)? If you’re going with a mac setup, what about FCS 2 ($1.3k)? Also, if you’re transitioning from PC to Mac do yourself a favor and make sure your old system is in good condition so you can keep producing product while you’re adjusting to the learning curve of a different OS and a massive new software suite. We’ve had MC for almost a year now and I’m just putting a dent into it despite having used an number of the programs included since they’ve come out!

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