SanFran Wrote:1. I’ve hear


SanFran Wrote:

1. I’ve heard of some people having trouble with the Adobe activation process when they have a RAID configuration. It somehow thinks that you’re trying to load and simultaneously use on two computers, a license no-no. Has anyone here had problems that way?

2. Is the Service Pack issue truly major with PP? I know that I reverted to SP1 because of capture issues with my old Pinnacle Movie Box on SP2. I put on PP subsequent to that, so don’t have knowledge of how it works with SP2.


1. I haven’t heard of that but it seems to me that would only be a problem if your system drive was RAID. If it’s the storage that’s a RAID there should be no problems as far as I can tell. Actually I will be setting one up soon so we’ll see.

2. I’ve had no problems with it whatsoever, even when upgrading to sp2 from sp1.

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