Sample for character color


Sample for character color and size.

Well, the pasting didn’t allow the correct size characters and there is no way that I can see to change their size.(problem) This was meant to be constructive and show “General Questions” a size or two larger and blue/navy blue. “High-Definition” is maroon instead of red. This is easier to read and separates lines and subject by color. Keep the very light grey background behind the main topic- couldn’t do it in the sample.

<table id=”forumlist”>
<tr class=”bb-parent bb-root”>
<td><font color=”#000080″>General Questions</font><small><font size=”2″ face=”Verdana”> A place for posts that don’t fit into any other category.</font></small></td>
<td class=”num”></td>
<td class=”num”></td>

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