>>Same thing goes fo


>>Same thing goes for many newer programs, like Adobe CS3 stuff. I believe they are more efficient on intel macs.<<

Actually, fro MAC the Adobe CS3 video apps will only work on an Intel Mac. They won’t install on any precessor previous to it. I don’t believe that is true for Final Cut.

>>As far as how many computers you can load a program onto, legally you can only load a program onto one computer, but who does that? Just be sure not to register the software and you will be fine. If you are really paranoid about it, just make sure you’re computer isn’t connected to the internet when you use the software.<<

How about? Professionals who abide by the conditions of the licensing agreements that they agree to. Effectively, when you buy a program you are licensing it from the software manufacturer. When you install it you agree to abide by the licensing agreement for that software. Saying, because you won’t get caught the agreement doesn’t matter doesn’t seem very ethical, does it?

And actually the number of computers you can load a piece of software onto is usually in the licensing agreement itself and they vary. However in general you can only run it on one computer at a time.

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