Same here, Mini-DV tapes g


Same here, Mini-DV tapes go in the drawer. The few times I failed to do that and misplaced the tape it ended up biting me..right…there…

After a seriously bad investment in a couple of Netgear SC101 Network Storage “Toasters” I found I had a half-dozen or so “Enterprise Grade” 250Gb IDE drives not doing much. BTW: if you have a SC101…get rid of it…you’ll thank me…

You can get a IDE-USB converter cable and power supply for about 20 bucks on E-bray.

I formatted the drives for OSX, dedicated a drive to each major project, backed up the files, put the drive in a zip-lock bag along with one of those “do not eat” dessicant thingies, squeezed out as much air as possible, and then into the back of the fridge. So far it’s worked quite well.

Note, if you happen to want to use one of the drives, take it out of the fridge and let it warm up to room temperature BEFORE you open the bag.

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