saintkelley, I couldn’t te


saintkelley, I couldn’t tell but it looks like there is some sort of carpet on the floor, not tile or paint etc. Carpet would be much better than hard surfaces. As far as the ceiling is concerned perhaps you could hang sheets or some sort of fabric with grommetsto some screw hooks attached to the beams on the ceiling for sound dampening. If you needed just an area as a sound booth, instead of covering the whole room, you might consider just one corner to be the sound booth. Doing the walls and ceiling there and making two portable partitions one for the other sidewall and one for the back wall. This would drastically cut down on the amount of sound dampening materials that you would need to purchase.Since the added walls are portable they could be moved allowing the use of the space for shooting. In addition if the covering of the fixed walls and the ceilingcould be fastened temporarily with screw hooks or other fastening device, they could be removed to allow other uses for the space when not recording sound. Hope this helps. keep shooting.

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